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The TESTIMONIALS of one who has tried the Method ...

Alessio Mastriforti

Alessio Mastriforti 

(CHALLENGE Tour, ASIAN Tour and ALPS Tour Player)

Whit YBG I finally understand my weaknesses that did not allow me to make the leap and I managed to organize my time training in a much more constructive! By training less, but on important areas and seeing more results! Thank you.

Alessio Mastriforti CHALLENGE Tour, ASIAN Tour and ALPS Tour Player

Giulio – Player National Interest

I began working with YBG in October 2015. After sending 6 rounds with all the statistics you asked for we were about 2 hours on the phone in which he explained all the analysis he had done very carefully. We analyzed, through numbers and statistics (which are very useful as objective), all parts of my game, and highlighting points and weaknesses. It also sent an email with a “TRAINING PLAN” created by him that directly relates to those statistics that were “blown out” by revolutions which analyzed, in which of course most of the time is dedicated to my weaknesses, without neglecting the strengths, which should always be trained.

Giulio - Player National Interest

Alberto: Player National Interest Hcp (- 4.5)

Together with You Be Golf, we analyzed the level of my game statistics and then worked on the parts of the game most wanted, so you can reach the target audience. In my case, the goal is turning pro and get the card for the PGA Tour, and we compared my statistics of 6 rounds with those of the players reference. In this way we got a real comparison and precise, which allowed us to understand things “need” to skill level closely golfing to keep the card on the PGA Tour. Later, YBG has created for me a “TRAINING PLAN” aimed at focus most of the time on the parts of the game to improve without neglecting my strengths. Working with Youbegolf was interesting and are satisfied with the experience because it allowed me to look at my game from a statistical point of view and in this way understand what actually are my strengths and my weaknesses and these work.

Alberto: Player National Interest Hcp (- 4.5)

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