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You Practice where REALLY NEED?

Shots BALLS in your Practice or really Practice your GAME?

Uses the YOUR potential through the 'Statistical Analysis?

WHAT shall i do for YOU?

With my Analysis score, you will LOWER your score!


AS ?

I will calculate until 91 different PERSONAL statistical parameters,divided into 7 different areas of your game, and in particular:

The 7 Areas of the Game in Analysis

  1. Accuracy SHORT GAME, (5 statistical parameters );
  2. Accuracy PUTTING, (26 statistical parameters);
  3. Accuracy from the "SAND“, (5 statistical parameters);
  4. Accuracy IRON and WOOD  GIR from various distance, (10 statistical parameters);
  5. Accuracy IRON and WOOD  PROXIMITY and APPROACHES   from various distance from the Fairway, (17 statistical parameters);
  6. Accuracy IRON and WOOD  PROXIMITY and APPROACHES from various distance from the Rough, (17 statistical parameters);
  7. Different and OTHERS, (11 statistical parameters).

View all my ANALYSIS for you!


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I will help you with my unique and special product:


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