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... with my UNIQUE product "TRAINING PLAN" you can lower your score definitively!

and about GOLF ?

Since 2005, over 10 years, the Golf has caught me as the greatest love and since then I have always been captivated by the world of numbers and statistics that revolved around the "world of golf."


I have always maintained that the numbers "do not lie".

The numbers help us for understand where we are as objectively as that I know.

Analyzing your round of Golf?

Analyzing a round of golf we can understand your strengths and your weaknesses!

You understand what is behind the numbers...

You can plan specific training designed to increase performance in a particular area of weakness!

How can i Help you?

I analyze up to 91 separate Statistical Parameters and interpreted in combination.

The Statistical Analysis allows me to identify which areas where there are Gap to be filled and

thanks to TRAINING PLAN (TM) created and designed by me,

I plan your training session on the driving range or in the course,

and so you'll know what to do and how long use to your workout

in a profitable way to lower your score!


What is This?


  • What do i mean with TRAINING PLAN?
  • We will identify, during the analysis score yours weakness points and, according to your availability in terms of time to practice we will give you a personalized workout plan!


  • We'll provide a TRAINING PLAN specified for individual day with the number of hours / minutes of training the individual areas of improvement identified in the analysis score!
  • So you can simply follow the TRAINING PLAN and be certain and sure to be the best use of your time, not use it in areas where you would not have improvements in score.
  • And finally it will be all in your hands!
  • And committing to duty, where the numbers show us that you are deficient, you will reach your goals.
  • You will have no more excuses!
  • With our experience, we realized that even 2 hours of focused practice in specific areas and deficient for the player (AMATEUR and Professional) can prove "exceptional" in terms of score!
  • Because on the course, when we will be in certain situations that were the subject of difficulty or not performing according to its objective, will in these occasions that the Training Plan will give its fruit and you will see that your score will lower very quickly and your goal you will get closer to you!

I invite you to DISCOVER my products


Choose between my Analysis Score alone

or with the new my unique service "Training Plan".


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